Construction Kits

Electronic kits

The first acquaintance with the fantastic world of electronics. For what an adult person with higher education used to spend a few days before, a child can construct within a few minutes. And it will work!

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The Amazing Kit

A construction kit with stunning simplicity and efficiency. To get an idea what one can create with these simple details we recommend you to watch the video.


It’s important: in the attached to the kit

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ArTeC Blocks

The secret of Artec cubes is the use of very high-quality plastic and an unusual way of connecting cubes with each other, which makes it possible to build structures of any kind of complexities that can keep together perfectly. The cubes can even assume a diagonal connection.

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Robots occupy more and more space in our lives. This is reasonable, because a robot can work at the places which may be very dangerously for people, or even impossible. It can be underwater works, and space, and places with increased radiation level. Furthermore …

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